Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama Ts

One can get 6 Hawaiian t-shirts for $20 at the ABC stores on O'ahu and in many gift shops as well. Since my work-out shirts are getting stained, ratty, and some are more than 20 years old (Michelin Engineering, Intramural volleyball team, Spartanburg SC, really... still?) I got 4 Obama Ts - they love their native son.. even if the tea baggers believe he is from Kenya! LOL! - and 2 Hawaiian shirts.

If they shrink / don't fit (some XLs are not really XLs) I know our son will enjoy wearing them back to Charleston at Christmas.

When I wore one earlier this week while riding the stationary bike, Dr Desert Flower came home from work, saw me in it, and said "now, you're a nazi socialist commie liberahl, you know!"


  1. Does that make you a celebrity engineer?

  2. I don't think it does... should it?


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