Monday, October 12, 2009

Those ground breaking IU women...

Indiana University Elinor Ostrom wins the Nobel Prize. First woman to ever win it for Economics.

Those IU women, always forging new ground, often under-appreciated by their peers for years and years, and then one day they finally get recognized, when it seems like it is long over-due. They're a remarkable, and patient group of degreed professionals. =)


  1. Most definitely overdue, not only because of identity issues but because the research is sorely needed...she's gone a long way toward refuting (or at least coloring) the idea that all economic actors are driven only by self-interest. She's also done a lot to refute the myth of the tragedy of the commons. Now if we could just get all those idiot libertarian John Birchers to read something other then Ayn Rand...

  2. Wow... promoting the theory that a nation's natural resources are best managed ecologically, so that they are not exhausted and squandered, wrapping the knuckles of the market's free hand. =) An uppity UCLA PhD indeed.

  3. And referring to A.Rand... she DESPISED libertarians. I was reading last weekend, how she railed against them and all they stood for... and the fools are the first ones to quote her. It's hilarious, in it's irony.

  4. If the earlier link doesn't work: then

  5. Well give ASU some credit too! She's at ASU and IU...


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