Friday, October 23, 2009

University of Hawaii Lyon Arboretum

University of Hawaii Lyon Arboretum
Thanks to our friend Paul Rodes for sending us this Amazing gem. The Lyon Arboretum at the University of Hawaii is AMAZING! A tropical rain forest, with palms, and orchids, and ferns as big as a car, and centuries old fig trees, and Macaws and McCalls and parrots and Cocteaux that sing to into the forest sounding like children laughing, children screaming, sometimes sounding like small animals being eaten... a wonderful hike up into the volcanically contoured tropical country-side. We would have NEVER found it without Paul's awesome directions and links, here (first), here (trails), here (brochure) and here.

Mosquito repellent is Strongly advised. I dosed myself in factor 60 SPF, but it was un-necessary as you are below canopy for the entire hike. Paul did it with a toddler in a backpack. Dr Desert Flower and I did it with less than an hour to spare before the garden closed at 4pm (she was being a responsible scientist, and attending afternoon sessions at ASHG on cancer & personalized medicine & such... so the arboretum was a bonus. Dress for sweating, getting a lil muddy, and seeing some of the most amazing plants (some Dr. Seuss like) ever!

Merci M.RODES!!

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