Monday, November 2, 2009

Chariot Gypsy - Bleh!

Well, it was only a matter of time, until I found a wine blogger who has pretty much the diametric opposite tastes of myself. Jason, of Jason's Wine blog, loves the Chariot Gypsy 2007 - he ran to Trader Joes and bought two cases of the 2007 vintage. Back on October 27th, the Trader Joes wine tasting lady at Arrowhead convinced me to sample a thimble-full, and it was "ok" at the store, so I plunked down $5 and bought a bottle of the St. Helena Californian wine.

Once I got it home... ew... I'm sorry. My taste in wines is definitely focused upon the well regulated and consistently delicious French, Italian, and Spanish regions and wine makers, all of whom do wonders for less than $10 a bottle, often for less than $6 a bottle. Read Jason's well written blog posting (seriously well written, not sarcastically), and then, project\imagine the opposite of it, and that was my bottle. "smooth tannins" should not make one wince. "subtle sweetness" should not taste like berry flavored solvent. "let it breath 15 to 30 minutes" well, the first glass, the first day, I choked down. The 2nd glass, the 2nd day, much worse. The third glass, I poured JUST a sip... and then spit it out into the sink.

But... I am such a cheap bastard, I didn't want to just pour the rest of the 1/2 bottle down the drain, so a thought occurred to me... but that is the next posting! =)

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