Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Drinking in Hawaii

Dr Desert Flower is busy working today. I am not. I AM sick of Dewars (white label). If I never drink Dewars again, that'll be fine. It's not made me sick or anything, I am just "sick of it" after 3 days of sipping it through a Kelty water bottle, poolside, on ice.

Here in Hawaii, there is NO SHORTAGE of cool drinks, and ways to separate tourists from their dollars. Sunday night, a helpful & enabling bartender introduced us to the HLS "Hawaiian Leg Spreader" - Stoli 100, Chambord, Pineapple juice, sour mix, it was yummy. Monday night, it was the Chi Chi - coconut creme liquor, vodka, and pineapple juice. Tuesday night, was my favorite so far - the Hula Girl. A "Hula Girl" is, one shot vodka, one shot Couvoissier, on ice, passion/orange juice, grand marnier - DAMN tasty! Shaken, not stirred. There's no shortage of rum drinks here as well (Arrgh, pirates & rum!) but rum tends to give me a bolt-gun-to-the-forehead head-ache afterwards.

On the Dewars comment, I am somewhat of a Markers Mark fan (note, Christmas approaches) but here in Hawaii, they want like $20 for a lil pint of it at the ABC store. $20 a pint? And $60 for a 750ml of Hennesey cognac... more than 2X what I am used to paying in Phoenix . Remember, whiskey has ALL of its calories BOUND to the alcohol, so it is actually zero carb!! =)

OH - and to the VP of Caris Pharma stuck in Phoenix, your "crew" misses you (Dr D.Flower asked I insert that here).

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