Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bud Light is #1 Among Selfish Littering Lake Havasu Drinkers

Wooo Whooo! Bud Light! #1 !!! Party!!!
If you're a selfish beer drinking moron on Lake Havasu here in Arizona, odds are you're a fan of Bud Light. More Bud Light cans were extracted this year from the Bridgewater Channel volunteer divers than any other brand of can.

They also pulled out toilets, unopened tequila bottles, and bags and bags of plastic cups, all of which were recycled.

If it doesn't degrade in a matter of days into inert components, it is litter. The last time I intentionally threw trash out of a moving vehicle was 15 years ago in Atlanta while driving with my buddy Ryan on a I-75 on-ramp - it was an apple core. Ryan chastised me "what if everyone threw out an apple core!" he said as we headed out to a bar to go drinking one night. He had a point, and was much more 'on message' than my older brother, who teaches 6th grade Science class in Indiana, who tried (unsuccessfully) to tell Dr Desert Flower and I once while visiting our home that common polystyrene plates would dissolve into carbon and oxygen atoms in a landfill within just a few months, despite the fact that Dow Chemical says it doesn't.

Tossing empty bottles, cans, and cups into a water way? I've not done littered in this selfishly stupid way, and have little tolerance for those who do.


  1. wait: what's wrong with tossing an apple core? won't it degrade better/faster in a field than in a landfill?

  2. it was a city ramp, concrete shoulders... no place for natural decomp... just food for rats.

  3. Rats are an essential part of the decomposition cycle...they eat the crackheads who die in the sewers here :)


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