Monday, October 26, 2009

Clueless Japanese Hipsters in Hawaii, part II

Last week, I began to recount the asinine / random / bizarre sayings that I noticed on Japanese tourist's attire in Honolulu. The photo to the left does in fact say
- "RED HOT CHERRY LITTLE WOLF NUTS" (don't Google that)

Other sayings, that we saw during the rest of the week there, included:

- Sugar and Spice and Mysterious
(on a 50-something year old Japanese woman)

- Blue Bird Product (the kind you don't want squirted on your shoulder?)

- Love World Colors Happiness (that was at least a pleasant one)

- Black Black Black (on a pink T-shirt worn by a 30-something year old gold digger)

- Nothing Like Sexy Little Sunset (seen outside a Versace store on a decked out Japanese female shopper)

- Keeps Running. Me Do Not Defeat. Cold Town. (Seriously, did they pull these out of a hat??)

Since I am no longer in Hawaii, I will not start my own blog dedicated to mocking these misuses of language, like Hanzi Smatter has done <-- very funny stuff!


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