Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Il Valore Sangiovese Giovane 2008

I picked up a $4 bottle of Sangiovese at Trader Joes last weekend, that I'd not tried before: Il Valore Sangiovese Giovane 2008, Marchese De Petri, Puglia Indicazione Geographfica Tipica. It was imported by Americal Beverage Group, San Clemente CA for Trader Joes. It did not even last 2 days, as "just one glass" was impossible, and with some spicy Thai food, a lunch of ham-and-swiss-and-romaine, and a bowl of Amy's Mexican casserole, it was great! A bit fruity, I disagree with the "cranberry" 2007 review I read - I've drank alot of cranberry juice and this did not resemble cranberries in the 2008 bottle I had. A 2004 review noted strawberries, and that's possible. It had berry flavor, but it's a red wine, so that's not unexpected.
Now most Chianti's are made of about 95% Sangiovese, grown in Tuscany, so this heel wine (Puglia is the "heel" of the southern Italian peninsula) came as a surprise in being not Chianti-like at all, while being delicious. Again, goes to terroir and excellent government controls, providing low cost, very drinkable beverages to US consumers who desire it.


  1. I don't know shit about wine. But I have a sentimental favorite Sangiovese (10% Merlot): Antinori Santa Cristina. Usually <$10/bottle and my fav. I-talian wine. It is pretty available, so try it sometime.

  2. I have also enjoyed the Santa Christina, widely available in many groceries and at Trader Joes, and it IS very good. For 1/2 the price, this Il Valore Sangiovese is ALMOST as good, as far as inexpensive Italian wines are considered.


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