Friday, October 23, 2009

To keep the rats from climbing the trees...

near eateries, and public entrances, and nicer establishments, many of the palm trees have metallic collars.

I was not sure why, so I asked a bartender - he told me it is to keep the rats from climbing the trees. Ew. Not wanting to believe him, 2 days later, I asked a group of 3 cops (the ones watching the beach with binoculars), and they told me the same thing. I've not seen a rat, but near Arizona Memorial I DID see a fully laden palm that had at least 2 dozen coconuts on it - lots of places to hide and succulent fruit to eat, if the rats can gnaw off the nuts, get them to fall on the concrete & break open. The large holes in he collars are from the professional tree climbers who keep unsuspecting tourists free of the danger of falling coconuts.

More photos t0 follow later... trapped in my camera without my adaptor in-pocket to download.

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