Monday, October 5, 2009

Much Better Now =)

I was listening to NPR's Talk of the Nation, when delusional wind bag Jonah Goldberg came on. After listening to his extremely biased rhetoric for approximately 60 seconds, I began to feel as if my head would explode. Turning the radio OFF, has set a wonderful atmosphere of calm and sanity here in my office and home. Ahhhh. Much Better Now. =)

(There's no need to repeatedly say "douche bag!" and "dumb ass!" to a radio - venting to a radio receiver is not therapeutic)


  1. But they've been sorely lacking in comedic content...they have to give some airtime to a joker once in a while.

  2. If he didn't take himself SO SERIOUSLY, I'd agree with you. He's one of THE MOST delusional ideologues on the right I've ever heard. To be completely fair, I can't really listen to Ed Schultz scream at me from the left either, but Ed does it without much of the snugness that wing-nut Goldberg does.

    If I was not working, and perhaps... drinking... it might have been a hilarious comedy routine =) But I was composing a technical document summary for my Bangalore colleagues to do the needful, and hearing Goldberg think he was standing up for 'patriotic dissent' I felt like an extra from the movie Scanners, about to explode.


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