Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cuisinart for 2? Nope

Our Hilton hotel room had this little Cuisinart coffee maker, it's supposed to be able to do 2 cups at the same time. We'd seen this type before in Sedona at the Hilton there where we stayed with "Hhonor points" back in August for our 22nd anniversary, and it didn't work so well, but hope springs eternal.
As you can see from the attached photo on the left, the pathetic little pump could not put out enough water to equally fill two cups, making one cup of coffee to the left and one sad & weak "espresso" to the right. The next day, when I went to make a single cup of hot tea, it overflowed the single cup with the residual leftover water, making a nice mess, despite switching the little toggle on the top of the maker to "1".

If you're looking for a cute, inexpensive, little dual coffee maker, avoid Cuisinart. This made-in-China model is junk, sample size n = 2. If you encounter one in a hotel room, be wary, and expect it to malfunction.


  1. Better to do the french press at home with a fresh grind every batch...way better coffee.

  2. agreed, but hard to do while traveling by air, especially with $25 checked baggage fees!


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