Saturday, May 28, 2016

Scott Adams's Prediction Scares The Hell Out of Me

Back in 2015, Scott Adams - the Dilbert creator and trained hypnotist - predicted that Donald J Drumpf would win the 2016 United States general election for President "in a landslide".  I was not aware of this, until I watched Real Time with Bill Maher last night on DVR.

And after this interview,  I decided I will begin stock piling ammunition, lumber, batteries, canned food, fuel, potable water, and the essentials to make it through a post-apocalyptic hellscape that America will become after Donald J Drumpf starts a war with some aggravated country who he thinks he can "negotiate with".  I don't know if it will be Pakistan, or North Korea, or a consortium of the BRIC countries... but Donald will inevitably Tweet or Broadcast or inflame some nation that will then launch an EMP device, or relate a biological agent or contaminate the drinking water or breathable air, and much of America, if not all of it, will be caught up in the conflagration.

I visited shooting ranges in Arizona and California during the Obama administration, and sure there were many posters for "Obama, the greatest gun sales man ever" put up by ignorant fear mongers who questioned the President's citizenship, thought he was a secret Muslim, and that he was going to destroy America.  How did that work out for y'all, dumbasses?  All you did was drive up the price of ammo for yourselves, fools. The demise of America these hyperbolic & myopic nationalists predicted Never came to fruition, and won't come to fruition, while there is an intelligent, educated, thoughtful, rational resident of The White House.  American will be fine until at least the first week of November 2016.  After that, if Scott Adams is right, and Donald J Drumpf wins in a land slide as predicted, leveraging his persuasive marketing techniques on a gullible and stupid populace, all bets are off.  President Camacho from Idiocracy would be a better leader than Donald J. Drumpf.

I hope it doesn't come to that...

For President Camacho's State of The Union Address, go here:

Kallstadt's Greatest Hypnotist

Kalltstadt Germany is the ancestral home of more than one famous American.  (LA Times link here) Teresa Kerry Heinz, of the Heinz ketchup fortune, has family roots in Kallstadt.  But her fame & actual fortune pales in comparison to Kallstadt's more recently famous, or infamous son, Donald Drumpf, the self proclaimed "Billionaire" who has bamboozled and thrilled his willing throngs to vote for him in the 2016 Republican primary with his attacks on immigrants, Muslims, and other fictional foes that gullible Umerikuns easily blame for anything that is wrong in their lives.

You see, I won't call Donald J. Drumpf by the family name his grand-father changed it to, out of principle.  My father immigrated to the US legally in the 1950s, coming from worn-torn post-WWII Germany & Poland, and Did Not change our family name.  Ellis Island spelled it exactly as my Grandmother and Catholic Charities (who sponsored my family's immigration to the US, through a priest of the same last name) had it spelled on the immigration documents.

I call Donald J Drumpf Kallstadt's greatest hypnotist because after watching Scott Adams last night on Real Time With Bill Maher, I came to understand that Drumpf is truly an effective hypnotist of the willing, gullible, feeble-minded, and easily persuaded.  To someone like me, who relies on facts, and not rhetoric or fear, I see Drumpf as the failed small-town German circus clown he truly is.  Frighteningly, millions of my fellow American citizens have fallen for his shtick; hook, line, and sinker.  (more on that on the next post).

I wonder how well Drumpf Steaks, Drumpf University, Drumpf Recession Proof Vitamins, Drumpf Wine, Drumpf Airlines, Drumpf Casinos, and Drumpf Real Estate would have done, if they had not been re-branded with the imaginary name Donald's father created?  The world will never know... and if Scott Adams is right, a year from now in May or June 2017, just 4 or 5 months after this circus clown, con-man, serial liar, bankruptor, thin-skinned, no-filter, man-baby takes office after winning "in a land slide", we'll be sifting through the ashes of a post-apocalyptic world where North Korea, or Pakistan, or someone launches a pre-emptive strike after Donald's mouth has offended them, and President Drumpf retaliates in a rapid escalation that makes Doom, or Quake, or Halo appear to be a more tame and livable world than where we'll ne in 2017.  After the first week of November on 2016, I'll be stock piling canned food, ammunition, fuel and clean water, in an effort to take care of my family for as long as I can and trying to get the Carlsbad desalination plant back online with the remnants of civilization.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs...

I saw this sign online this morning, and it made me laugh:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

View From My Yoga Mat, April '16

I had to travel to Eastern China last month, for work.  I took a larger checked suit case since it was a 12 day trip, and I already know that Chinese hotel laundry (even in the nice hotels in which I've stayed) destroys most of the clothes I've ever given them.  In that larger suit case I packed my yoga mat, after I practiced yoga the week before at the beach, for 3 of the previous 7 days leading up to the trip.

The weather in Northern San Diego County cooperated nicely before I left, being mild, and not rainy in the afternoons.  The on-shore breeze was pleasant, and the statis flowers were in full bloom on the Bluff at the top of Ponto Beach.

Once I landed in Shanghai, after a 14 hour flight in coach out of LAX, I planned a solid day of not working to adjust to the new time zone and to try and avoid deep vein thrombosis.  The view from the yoga mat in my hotel room window was less pleasant than the view from the Carlsbad shore.  No whales, no pelicans, no pleasant breeze... but a locked large city park with formidable gates, that (apparently) no in Pudong are allowed to pass through on Wednesdays?

While Shanghai today is a MUCH cleaner and prettier city than Chengdu was 15 years ago, it still is not even a fraction as lovely as Southern Coastal California is, even if the real estate prices are similar.  I'll take here rather than there, any day.

The day after I got back, I did yoga at the beach!
I would have POSTED this while in China... just one problem.  The government there blocks FaceBook, Google, Instagram, Gmail, Youtube, and Twitter.  Yes... one can VPN out and around them, but what a massive pain in the ass, China.  Thanks.

So Many Idiotic Hoosiers

As a native Hoosier, having lived the first 2 decades of my life there... being born there... getting my college education there... filing my taxes there for many years... having owned a home in Monroe County there for more than 7 years... I am astonished at how many gullible, misinformed, base-ball-cap-wearing, fake-Oakley-wearing, inarticulate, moronic, passionate Trump supporters there are in Indiana.

I have yet to meet a single, articulate, intelligent Trump supporter who can explain to me, logically, without hatred or bigotry or easily-debunked-psuedo-facts, why they are a Trump supporter, and why other Americans should become Trump supporters.  Trump is so often wrong, and always inflammatory, that no normal, logical, fact-based-thinking individual can actually justify, calmly, and without vitriol, why they support him.  I understand why Bernie won Indiana... I would have voted for him if I was still a Hoosier, as he is the under-dog outsider who is anti-establishment, self-funded, and not beholden to corporate or billionaire interests.  But Trump is an empty suit, a vacuous loud-mouth who easily dupes the misinformed and willfully uninformed to flock to his support in the primaries.
Wilmore Trump
I wish I was not registered as an Independent in California, as that makes it much harder to vote in the Democrat or Republican primaries... but... that's what having to travel to Asia for 2 weeks for business in April during primary registration season does for a permanently "vote by mail" citizen. Oh well.