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Saturday, September 13, 2008

His Noodly touch, at work

People say "Hurricanes are God's work" .. or "the hand of God". I remember the rain bands from Hugo that I sat through almost 20 years ago in Spartanburg SC, 100 miles away from the center of the storm, and they were formidable. This photo, shows that indeed, they are touched by His Noodly Majesty.

I will be traveling to SC next week, so not much posting going on at that time. But please.. feel free to post COMMENTS.. lots and lots of comments. I'll be checking Gmail while away from home.

By 2010 we'll be safe from Polar Bears

These images are telling. NASA satellite images of the north pole. Just 2 years, and the north pole shrunk by 1/2 it's size. It'll be interesting to see how small it gets in the September 2008 photo.

Soon, Colbert will be able to take bears, the godless killing machines, off the "Threat Down" - Polar bears, at least. Then, the "Alaska Independence Party", of which Todd Palin (Creationist Sarah Palin's hubby) has been long standing member, (and whose convention they both attended in the past when she was campaigning as governor) will need to change their logo.

McCain straight talk about himself & W

This alone, should be ENOUGH for 80% of the Americans who believe this country is headed in the wrong direction to NOT vote for McCain. This is not made up, this is McCain, talking about himself. Text quotes and video, provided below. Why the Democrats don't use this footage in their ads, is beyond me???

"The President has lead with great clarity and I think he's done a great job leading the country don't you?" -- John McCain

"The President and I agree on most issues, there was a recent study that showed I voted with the President over 90% of the time higher than even most of my Republican collegues" -- John McCain

"Fact is that I have agreed with President Bush far more than I have disagreed, and on the transcendent issues, the most important issues of our day, I have been totally in agreement and support of President Bush.." -- John McCain



more truth about Palin comes out...

This time it is how many foreign countries she says she's visited, vs how many she really DID visit. She says 4, it's actually 2, but hey.. you know.. when the earth is only 6000 years old, the difference between 4 and 2 is not that much. That's almost as many as Uncurious George visited before he became president!
  1. Iraq nope
  2. Kuwait
  3. Ireland nope
  4. Germany
tip o the hat to my buddy Matt for this one. =)
Awesome job of vetting by the McCain camp!

-129F in Vostok?

-129F in Vostok Antarctica? -129F? That's -90C, or 183.5Kelvin...

That's nuts. Even if there's a gauge error of +/-5% that's still -122F! I remember waiting for the bus in NW Indiana as a kid in the winter at -25F ambient with a -60F wind-chill. I'd spit on the frozen side walk, and then laugh as I kicked around the frozen hocker around like a stone across the windswept cement, next to the bike racks in front of the auditorium at Highland High School - frozen before it hit the ground! I used to think THAT was cold.

Give it a few more years though, and at the rate of climate change we're seeing, man-made or not, such extreme low temperatures will become extremely rare indeed.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Immortal Colbert

Tip o' the hat to my scientist friend Jason, who sent me this gem from Biotechniques this morning. For a lovely video, where Stephen waxes about his own DNA, see this clip:

"In the unlikely event that Earth and humanity are destroyed, mankind can be resurrected with Stephen Colbert's DNA," he said in a statement. "Is there a better person for us to turn to for this high-level responsibility?"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Michael Palin, for President

I laughed heartily upon watching this.

Dr. Zais explains VP picks very well


This is BRILLIANT! The graphics alone, are worth a click.

I always get a kick out of Zaius Nation!

Convention Summaries

So I can sort this out, I want to make a short foot note of my observations about the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. In November, I can look back at this fondly, or depressingly... il faut voir.

DNC Convention
- Bush's administration has been a total disaster, domestically, internationally, financially, with massive incompetence
- McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time.
- McCain will perpetuate the same themes that Bush has promoted, and the country will continue in the wrong direction
- McCain is an honorable, well intentioned man who has served his country admirably in the military, but he is out of touch with average Americans (7 or so houses, $5 million / yr makes you rich, etc)
- An Obama administration will
appoint practical judges, not ideologues, provide tax credits as green energy incentives,
look out for the poor and the middle class while taxing the 2% of Americans making over $250K
push for national health care for everyone so that the current system that leaves 30% of America without any insurance at all gets fixed, and
agree with the Iraqi government on a withdrawal plan in the next 18 months.
go after Osama Bin Laden no matter where he is hiding
not try and drill America's way out of an energy shortage
ABSENT were: petty character attacks, any mention of trickle down economics, any promotion of abortion proliferation, a nomination of Hillary for anything

RNC Convention
- It's all the Democrats fault that Washington doesn't work (even though they have only a 1 vote simple majority on the Senate, no majority on the SCOTUS, and are not in charge of the executive branch)
- All Democrats want to do is grow government and raise taxes (even though every Republican administration for the last 60 years has grown government much more than their Democratic counter parts, and the only taxes the Democrats want to raise are on the richest Americans)
- "Community Organizers" are a huge joke, that deserve to be mocked
- the Democrats don't care about women because they didn't nominate (or even vet) Hillary, but the Republicans offer up a woman who is a creationist, extreme pro-lifer, pork barreler, spin artist, slightly to the right of Jesse Helms as their VP candidate.
- Chanting USA! USA! USA! can solve any dispute or voice of dissent
- if you don't mention the protesters and tear gas and mace and pepper spray being used outside the convention hall, it doesn't really exist
- A McCain adminstration would
get those "do nothing Democrats" in Congress to get off their asses and start drilling for oil everywhere
give tax breaks to corporations, even though it's been proven that does not stimulate job growth
repeal the inheritance tax
continue to poke a stick in the eye of other nations acting unilaterally, since consensus and true coalitions are a sign of weakness
lanch a war with Iran & Syria, just as soon as possible (or enable Israel to fly over Iraq, unimpeded, to strike the Persians).
re-launch the 43 year cold war that Reagan and Bush 1 had ended.
appoint SCOTUS judges who would be to the right of Scallia and Thomas
ABSENT were: any mention of the middle class, any mention of the poor, any mention of nationalized health care, any mention that the Iraqis want us out of their country within 18 months, any respect for thier political oppents

If I missed anything, please, feel free to comment.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin, Community Organizer

I found this beautiful video this morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


LHC Particle Physics - simply explained


It's cool that the rappers in this CERN video "prefer anonimity" =)

...I am still not sure how any of this matters, with the world being only 6000 years old and all. All that nonsense about the "big bang" clutters up this otherwise entertaining and informative (on a basic level) video. lol!

Thursday, September 4, 2008



I Love fact checkers who do my work for me! It also shows how absolutely full of shit the RNC speakers are! LOL!

Polls, and then Polls

tip o'the hat to my buddy Matt for this link to a conglomeration of polls (I think he got it from Talking Points Memo). It shows the trends over time. I am hoping for a landslide of Reagan-esque proportions, so that Obama can truly say he has "political capital" - not like Chimp W stated in November 2008 when he barely won. Someone needed to tell him < 1% is NOT a mandate, frat boy.


Massive Hypocrisy!


Massive Hypocrisy!
Do these morons not realize that digital video recordings exist? Is their short term memory so pathetic that they can't remember what they said just a few weeks or months ago??

We're on a mission from God


'We're on a mission from God' - does Palin think she's living a Blues Brothers movie?

National media needs to pick this up, and RUN with it.

Scary stuff

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC Rhetoric Drinking Game Suggestions

Watching a few minutes of RNC enthusiasm yesterday, I was struck with a few ideas of possible drinking games.

USA! USA! USA! Whenever the party faithful begin that nationalistic chant, you need to either finish your beer, or take a shot of Jack Daniels (not Jager! that crap's made in Europe!)

"Young Man Obama" - whenever references are made to Obama's age, you need to chug. You don't have to finish it, just chug most of it.

"Tax & Spend" - whenever this phrase is uttered, everyone making less than $40K a year needs to buy another round!

"America First!" - when this phrase is spoken, the LAST person to start chanting "USA! USA! USA!" needs to get everyone else another drink.

"Increase the size of government" - when RINOs (Republicans in name only) predict that Democrats will do this, despite having been in power in all three branches of government over the last 6 years, and 2 out of 3 for the last 8, everyone needs to take off (or pull up) their shirt, to show the size of chest (like a war chest) and then leave their shirt up, and over the back of their head, until the next time this is spoken. Also eligible for shirt reversal, would be "Big Government", "Welfare Queens", and "Entitlement".

and last but not least....

POW! Each time McCain's Prisoner of War years are mentioned, you're required to PUNCH your drinking buddy's upper arm or shoulder (the one that is not holding the beer, if you're sitting on nice furniture indoors) and yell "POW!" before POUNDING your drink. If you've got a pellet gun, you can shoot your neighbor in the leg or back or chest (face only, Cheney eligible), instead of punching them. But "POW!" still needs to be yelled.

Drink enough, and the RNC speakers will start to sound reasonable, logical, downright American. Patriots all!


Pork a plenty!

Sarah loves the pork!

Hire some lobbyists.. get Federal money... rely on BIG GOVERNMENT... for your pet projects, while cutting funding for un-necessary programs.. like teen pregnancy programs.

Once the Republicans get their way this November, we can all go back to the 18th Century. It'll be awesome! One in 3 chance that Sarah will be Commander-ess in chief, if she gets in the WH!