Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2006 Chateau Méric Médoc Cru Bourgeois - $10 well spent

Trader Joe's comes up with yet ANOTHER affordable Bordeaux: 2006 Chateau Méric Médoc Cru Bourgeois. This was $9.99 last Sunday. A glass Sunday, 2 glasses yesterday, 2 glasses today. Delicious. Full bodied, Nice tannins. Not oppressive oak. Again, I disagree with those who have disparaged this inexpensive yet wonderful wine here and but this rather generic review here is not bad.

On an interesting AGING note (me, not the wine) when I bought this Sunday afternoon, during da Bear's debacle to the Been-gals 2nd half (the Bears defense threw in the towel before 1/2 time, so I went grocery shopping down the street from Old Chicago in Glendale) Trader Joes had a Wine Tasting on-going. I;d seen placards for it previously, but Dr Desert Flower and I always seemed to go grocery shopping after 7pm when they were done serving wine tasting wines.

The nice lady who was pouring tiny ketchup containers of wine offered me a mediocre California red and a bubble Italian Pinot Grigio, and they were both good. As I was finishing the Pinot sample, a 30-something year old woman approached on my left, and tried the Pinot as well. She was carded. Taken-aback, I asked the TJoe's lady "are you carding only the young ladies this afternoon?" and she said, with much chagrin... "well. we Have To card Anyone who looks under 35..." and I began to LAUGH! She quickly added... "you Might Be 34 and a 1/2... we could card you if you wanted us to....". I told her it was 'quite all right, that my 22 yr old son would get a kick out of knowing his father is now officially, WAAAAYYYY too old to card.'

Bears lost BIG-time, I was declared too old to card by Trader Joes, and Amex was reducing my credit limit due to "recent activity on your account" (going on vacation, is apparently no longer allowed for Amex Blue). Sunday was not an awesome day.

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