Friday, October 2, 2009

"Don't Get Sick"

I agree completely with Florida Congressman Grayson's House Floor blunt statement this week:

The Republican Health Care plan: "Don't get sick"
If you do get sick: "Die Quickly"

The indignant house Republicans demanded an apology from him? Why apologize for telling the truth?  Where's the Republican plan that includes real cost controls AND a public option?  Don't give me any malarkey about "it'll drive insurance companies out of business" - really?  Out of business? Have you SEEN how profitable insurance companies have been? It's ludicrous to say they'll be driven out of business.  The rest of the world still has private insurance running in parallel with public insurance, We Can Too!

If you are also in agreement, send Congressman Grayson a note of support: link here.

I did  =)

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