Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Incontinent United Health Care

Dr Desert flower received this actual email (unedited) from United Health Care today (my primary health insurer):

"We received your message about payment for this service:
Patient: Traci
Date of Service: 03/19/09
Doctor/Hospital/Facility: St. Joseph Hospital

This claim will be reviewed again because we have received the primary insurance explanation of benefits. This has been marked urgent and should be viewable online within 7-10 business days. We apologize for any incontinence this may have caused. You will be able to view the adjustment in the Claims & Accounts <https://www.myuhc.com/member/accbalancelayout.do? section of this Web site. Notification will be sent to the address we have on file for you.


United Healthcare
Healing health care. Together.

"LaRae" needs to broaden her vocabulary and be more careful with her spell checker.


  1. United Health Care: you'll crap your pants when you see our coverage.

  2. ROTFL!

    I had the misfortune of being "covered" by United Healthcare during my time at Vignette (what appropriate partners they were). United denies 40% of its claims in CA, and I had several horrible experiences with claims and coverage. They also operated our flexible spending accounts...and ended up stealing over $1000 of my money over the years by denying a good portion of my legitimate FSA purchases.

    Companies like UHC are compelling evidence that we need single payer coverage in the US. The sheer incompetence, multiple conflicting layers of bureaucracy (payer, provider, employer, COBRA company, etc), and the massive amount of fraud ($500 billion according to a recent study) point to a seriously dysfunctional "market"...a market where the consumer has no choice, can't switch to another payer but once a year, and likely has only one or two other choices. It's time for companies like UHC to go away. Unfortunately, those companies have used our premium dollars to buy off our legislators to prevent any real reform.

  3. incompetence, incontinence, incredible insensitivity & greed. Our son's former girl friend of 3 years was the daughter of a well respected neurologist who retired early, and then began working for a large East Coast based insurer, as one of those guys that your primary physician has to call to "consult" with, to see if that MRI or other procedure is really "necessary". He was so good at denying claims, that the gf's father actually gave national seminars to other insurance company consulting physicians, several times a year - all of which were well attended, and held in wonderfully exotic locales.

    United, Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, Travelers, Hartford, over the last 2 decades, I've had them all. They're all similarly incompetent and evil - each with "specialties" in different areas (claim denial, repeat billing, pre-existing loop-holes, etc).


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