Thursday, October 8, 2009

Those poor beleaguered, oppressed victims - US Banks

Diane Casey-Landry, Chief Operating Officer, American Bankers Association, is defending the poor, victimized, oh-so-honest, up-standing, reasonable fee applying, compliant with all oppressive regulations, beleaguered US Banking "industry" today on the 2nd 1/2 of the Diane Rehm show. Kathleen Day, from the Center for Responsible Lending, is doing her best to not rip out Casey-Landry's throat, each time Casey-Landry cries about what such strict regulations there are, and how banks are struggling to make profits (LMAO!), and have developed such WONDERFUL new "products" (in terms of fees, that make up the majority of US Bank profits) and how those fees are so judiciously, appropriately applied to errant customers.

Nancy Trejos of the Washington Post's Personal Finance page, is trying to be impartial, but is finding it impossible to support the BS Casey-Landry is spewing, and often reinforces / seconds Day's comments and refutes the Bank "industry" claims and oblique lies that lovely-but-evil Casey-Landry continues to spout. 100% of the callers into the radio show are haranguing Casey-Landry. No shortage of screwed customers.

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