Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clueless Japanese Hipsters in Hawaii

Hawaii is designed to separate wealthy Asians (primarily Japanese, but more and more Koreans and Chinese) from their money. The most expensive shops & restaurants all cater to Japanese shoppers. The eggs & bacon, pancakes, waffle crowds, are entirely Hawaiian / Mainland oriented & half the price (or less, but more on that later).

Dr Desert Flower and I have seen the following on T-shirts here in Honolulu, since landing on Saturday:

Run DMC King of Rock - at breakfast Sunday morning

Be Wet - on a 20-something year old's t shirt

Gutter Ladies - on 1 of 3 "Thugs who looked really "Bad" LMAO!

Love Begins With Buckaroo

Will Make Happy - on a woman who was approx 300 lbs, at a pool, with her child

Touch Too Young - baseball cap, at Diamond Head Crater, on a 50-something year old man

and they are not JUST in English:

Tu Bien La Vintage - you well the vintage?

Jamais Trop Peu Peau - never too soon skin ???

I think it is a combination of Asian hubris (we don't need no stinkin translators!) and opportunistic entrepreneurs, who are leaping at the chance to take advantage of Asians who are so eager to be parted with their money while attempting to be hip, happenin, oh so cool.

As more amusing sayings appear in Waikiki, I will be sure to document them here. =)

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  1. Don't forget the Waikiki prostitutes...all designed to separate rich Japanese businessmen from their money :)


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