Thursday, October 29, 2009

Large Eggs - and save the bacon grease!

I was getting into the habit of buying medium brown eggs, organically fed, free range - "cage free" is bogus, since you can easily have 10,000 chickens in the same "cage free" yard, all with beaks removed, so they don't peck each other to death (ew). Dr Desert Flower started getting the Large variety, and as I've been cooking with them, it's amazing to me how much more egg volume is really in a large egg vs a medium one. Wolframalpha proved itself useful, and handily told me just how much larger the large eggs are, and much more info unexpectedly as well, here (egg) and here (large egg). [I thought Ron and Steve might find this handy, as a public service announcement as well]

I've also begun storing up my bacon fat for cooking later, letting it cool to less than 120F before putting it in resealable refrigerator containers. Reduce, re-use, recycle, and constantly avoid those annoying carbs. I was down by 9 lbs before vacation, but Wailana's pancakes helped to fatten 1/2 of that back on. Eating bacon, eggs, ham, sausage, jerky, cashews, celery, humus, cucumbers, romaine, iceberg, spinach, gruyere, gouda, stilton, ham, occasionally brie, raclette, organic chicken, carne & pollo asada (no shortage of those in Phoenix), and some fish here & there I'll get double that 9 off again soon. As long as I can moderate my dates, mangoes & chocolate (all very high carb) and wash it down with "not too much" red wine. Lots of tea, and coffee laced with stevia to keep the mind sharp and awake. Blood sugars are also nicely stabilized this week, being home again (and without $10 Mai Tais) and able to work out regularly without having to pay $20... but that is the next posting! =)


  1. The find nutritiondata to be a good source of food info.

    For chocolate, have you tried dark chocolate? 85% has very little carbs. I'd be impressed if you could eat 100g at a time, and even then it's at or just under 20g sugar for the whole thing.

  2. yep, many kinds of dark. Hard to find good 85% here. Lots of 75% (Trader Joes) and 72% (Drug Store). I won't touch any under 70%.


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