Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Is NOT Budget Rental Car

Seems the new Budget Rental Car office, about 4 miles away in SW Phoenix, has a phone number 1 digit away from mine. Misinterpret a "1" as a "7" and you get my land line. Before going to Hawaii this happened twice. Today, it's happened 4 times already. UGH!

My HQ office number back in South Carolina is one digit away from the company's Credit Union phone number as well. There's no shortage of untold numbers of thick accented family members leaving me longgggggg voice messages about how "dey nuheeed ta git der fuh-nds outta der 'counts". My "extended absence" greeting states "this is not the credit union" but "der determmnd" to leave a message with "some-un".

Maybe, instead of this being an annoying distraction, I should entertain myself with these hapless & misguided callers, assuring them that they will get free upgrades, free tanks of gas, and no-interest loans? I am just not sure I am evil enough to enjoy manipulating the unsuspecting for my own amusement.


  1. I won't be mean... I don't have the time or patience to construct elaborate lies to spread to hapless callers. If the same caller calls back 3 times in a row, I might have some fun with them. =)

  2. When my ex. worked at Budget (pronounced bu-zhay of course) in Greenville she always answered the phone, "It's a great day at Budget. How can I help you?".

    Just some helpful info... ;)


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