Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paris Cafe, Greenville SC is closed!

I was speaking to a francophone coworker in Greenville today, and he mentioned that Paris Cafe had a closed sign on it. A quick Google search, proves they're closed! Damnit! They were a delicious cafe, with wonderful wines, amazing desserts, delicious lunches and dinners, good service... but I was often the only customer in the place when I'd go back to Greenville each quarter. I knew it wasn't sustainable.

Supposedly the new place will serve lunch and breakfasts... but I will certainly miss the delicious dinners.


  1. Go to a "chain" restaurant on the same block, and it's packed, ...go figure.

  2. Americans love chains. More predictable, stay with the herd, I guess. I've never understood the lines outside of an Olive Garden... when there's so many other, better, less corporately tethered places to eat. I am more interested in exploring diverse options than in eating unlimited breadsticks that came from a Sysco Systems truck.


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