Friday, October 23, 2009

Remole Tuscana - eh

When you're stuck at an Over Priced Hilton Resort, and your wife is at a 7 to 9pm genetics meeting with her boss, so you eat at the so-so Italian Restaurant in the Hilton Village, get the $26 bottle of Remole Toscana. It's a weak blend of cabernet & sangiovese that will not wow you, or present strong tannins or berry flavors (as the wine list promised) but it will be a good friend as you drink it the rest of the night, attempting to futile connect in the humid 85 degree F (and 95% RH) air at the lobby bar to the over-worked, poorly resourced wireless connection that every scientist in a 100 ft radius is trying to camp upon. It also serves as a good primer for the rest of the evening. I'm on vacation, I'm not going to bed before 10pm again!

The Remole, is a mediocre wine, reminiscent of a mild Loire valle French red that I'd recommend to those who hate red wine and who dont want to get a head ache or have too strong of a wine. Who ever wrote the wine list at "Salvadore's Table" should be fed to the sharks after being drawn quartered with city buses, Oli Oli, Lea Lea, and Polynesian Tour buses, tied to each limb. Don't get me wrong, I Love the Loire valley, it produces alot of good, mild, red wines. That's just not what the Remole was promoted as, by the wine list. They did have a 1998 Chateaux Margaux, but I am not a sr vice president of anything... nor is Dr Desert Flower, to be able to afford $600 a bottle. '98 WAS a VERY good year... but $600 is a 'bit rich for my veins'.

At least the lethargic waitress recorked it, wrapped up the bottle and let me take it out of the restaurant 1/2 empty. And we got to see a sunset, without a table reservation, and it didn't cost us $99 a piece for a lack-luster Luau ("we've got roast beef, pork, fish, and roast beef, and your starches" ... the manager described to me.. mmmmm can I splurge, and pay $100 instead? No thanks!)

Having given up on the humid open air lobby impotent wireless, I'm back in the room on the company provided ($16 a day, cha-ching) wired connection. Remole is almost finished... time for a $10 hula girl!!

(was meant to be posted 12 hours ago, but the wireless lobby network and the wired room cnnection both epically failed last night)

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