Friday, October 9, 2009

Doubly Good Stevia

Last year, my primary care physician recommended I stop using Splenda, and instead use Stevia in my coffee. I used it skeptically and sporadically, preferring organic honey instead (mmmm delicious bioflavonoids and micronutrients). As my honey supply ran out, I've been using Stevia more (purchased at trader Joe's, of course).

Well this morning, I was reading how my friend Ron often takes double cream in his coffee, and I decided to make a Stevia posting here. Much to my happiness, I found that not only is Stevia 300X sweeter than sugar, but also: "Large amounts of stevioside can potentially interfere with absorption of carbohydrates in animals. It can further disrupt the metabolising/conversion of food into energy."

Well, I am not ingesting "large amounts" but it is nice to know if a future addiction foments, it might help to block carb uptake. And since I am no longer trying to reproduce, the other South American reported side effects of infertility, do not negatively impact me.

Try it, see if you like it. I'll be trying it more in coffee going forward.

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