Thursday, October 15, 2009

Republicans Hate Acorn, but excuse Gang Rape

In fact, they are in favor of gang rape. They opposed an Al Franken proposed bill amendment to not award US Federal contract dollars to contractors who make their employees sign contracts that exempt the contracting company from Any responsibility if the defense contractor employees are raped, especially gang raped by fellow co-workers - like a woman who worked for Haliburton was gang raped in Iraq.

The Daily Show has this POIGNANT summary, here, entitled "rape-nuts". Such Republican hypocrites!!! Note, at least the female Republican senators did not vote against the Franken bill. ACORN, bad! Haliburton gang rape... good (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more).

This disgusted Dr. Desert Flower and I last night.

My current, and my past senators (Lugar exempted), all voted against this bill amendment that should have been unanimously approved.

How can ANY Sane person, defend gang rape? What if McCain's daughter was raped, would that change his stance? What if Coburn's wife were gang raped, would that be ok? If one of Brownback's "snowflake kids" were gang raped, would That change affect his opposition?


What is the color of the sky on the 6000 year old planet that these 30 truly evil men live on, and represent? How do they sleep at night?


  1. It's only rape if the woman properly covered herself in a burqua to prevent her sinful feminine powers from arousing the mens' devil lust. And as long as she has the baby and gives it up for adoption, Jesus(TM) will make everything better.

  2. Exactly, regarding the adoption criteria. On the bur-qua, these right wing CINOs would rather she dress in a ankle length loose fitting skirt, buttoned up to the chin long sleeved (perhaps hand sewn) shirt that shows no hour-glass (or Michelin Man, if that be the case) shape. Those bur-qua are for the Islamo fascists for which the CINOs espouse such hatred. Fundamentalists and many evangelicals are a devoutly hateful and biased group, especially when it comes to despising Other fundies who belong to different sects / cults.


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