Friday, October 9, 2009


Anticipation is mounting. So much to look forward to, there, there, there, and there. It'll be weird to be in high humidity environment for a week, 8 days from now.

And to those who stalk online, we'll have house-sitters / cat-sitters, a working cell phone connected wireless security alarm, and an omnipresent curmudgeon neighbor across the street watching our domicile. =)


  1. Envy green here. Make sure you get a lava flow hike in, a little adrenaline keeps you youthful. A few food suggestions nearby - Sansei Seafood for sushi and Yusura for general asian fare. Both are near downtown H'lulu Remember, it is vacation so all dietary digressions don't count.

  2. thank you Steve. I will be sure to check them out.

    is there a particular Oahu beach you recommend, above all others, for lethargic laying around, reading, doing nothing?

  3. (I will have 4 days of doing nothing, while Trac is busy conferencing) =)

  4. I am big fan of the sandy variety. Really anywhere works for plopping down a chair, spf2000 block and a big book that can be spread over the eyes for better sunshade. I actually prefer renting a surfski or kayak and getting some paddling done. The turtles will come up close once you get offshore so be prepared. Book suggestions? Anything by Bill Bryson or Tim Cahill work on the beach well. The season does call for World War Z, a must read.

  5. The prostitutes in Waikiki are amusing too...just wait till about 10PM, go to Burger King, order a diet coke, and watch them try to pick up the Japanese businessmen.


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