Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Word, on Hawaii Vacationing

After this rant, I will try not to mention anything about Hawaii for a while.

- Wifi STILL should be free. As I posted earlier from Reno, if I am paying $265 a night for a hotel room, provide Wifi damnit. $16 a day, to get a wired connection, really? And $7 for 2 hours of Wifi in a lobby? You must be kidding. There was a unsecured network, labelled mysteriously as "07FX####" (the #s changed daily) in the lobby, that could handle all of 4 or 5 squatters before it crashed. That's what I used in it's entirety while staying in Waikiki. When droves of cheap scientists all started hunting for the free connections, and the lobby bar was full of patrons, my fragile connection crumbled, but I still had alcohol to turn to! =)

- Work out fitness rooms at hotels should be free. Again, when I am paying $265 a night, it's insulting to me to have to pay $20 to work out at the "World Renown Mandara spa". Bite me. If I want to work out, I'll run down the beach, swim in the surf, do yoga on the balcony of my 21st floor room (as I did on 4 of the 7 mornings we were there), or run up and down the stairs (as I did on 2 occasions). I over-heard a remark at dinner one night "there's very few people at the spa fitness center" - yeah, for $20 they should be handing out complimentary t-shirts, bottled spring water, or having a shapely woman in tight white shorts and a thong use the treadmill or stair climber directly in front of you. $20 to work out, each day, I don't think so. Just another way that the resorts want to gouge the tourists.

- Pool Capacity: If you combine all 3 pools at the Hilton Hawaiian Village lounging /seating areas, or water capacity, it is still less than the single main pool at the Vegas Casino Paris. Yes, the Pacific Ocean is right there, but the ocean doesn't have a hot tub, sometimes you don't want to get all salty, and sometimes it's nicer to just be able to lay on a chair instead of the sand. Good luck getting a chair at the Hilton after 11am.

- 24 hour Xerox Business Center... sounds like a nice place to print a boarding pass the night before leaving the island, no? No!!! Unless you want to pay 50 cents a minute to log in, minimum 15 minutes, plus $5 a page, and wait in line for the 3 computers available to the paying public. What a joke! That's the first hotel "business center" that I've ever seen where you had to pay to use it. Epic failure, Hilton.

OK, I feel better now. =)


  1. Hotel internet cost is indirectly proportional to room cost. At high end (and especially full-service business) hotels, wifi is exorbitant. At the very cheapest hotels, it tends to be free. Seems like one of the nicer brands of hotels should just break rank and see if free wifi wins them some customers.

  2. It would certainly win mine! =)

    Agreed, the worse the location is, and the less anyone wants to go there, the more expensive the Wifi is, sadly.


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