Monday, October 26, 2009

Breakfast reflections, coconut Syrup, mmmm

Since embracing Ron & Steve's low carb / high protein mode of eating, I've begun savings the egg cartons - ostensibly to "sound proof the torture room I am building in the garage"... living in a red state, I keep hearing how torture is the best way to keep the country safe, and I always put "country first" like my diminutive Sr. Senator's campaign slogan stated. Never know when you might need a few dozen cartons, and relatives and co-workers' kids are always having school projects.

However, when traveling to Hawaii, getting a omelet at the hotel cost $26 - Ouch! So Dr Desert Flower and I found Wailana's Coffee House, the Best Place to get breakfast on Waikiki, in my humble opinion for breakfast.

For less than an $18 bill, Dr Desert Flower and I could get all the coffee & pancakes we wanted, bacon, eggs, french toast, awesome service, all just a short walk across a busy intersection away from the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Oh, but for $26 each, we could get the 'international buffet' at "Bali by the Sea, Paradise Cafe", and for another $6 each, we could get coffee OR fruit juice. Give me a break! Breakfast at the Sheraton was $55 a piece, in 1999 dollars, but that included Mimosas & Champagne.

At Wailana's I learned the joy of coconut syrup on pancakes. Yes, I know it is Not low carb by any means, but WOW is it delicious. I've not seen fresh coconut syrup outside of Hawaii. I think it's even yummier than the white powder sugar based frosting we used to paint onto cut-out Christmas cookies as a kid, and that stuff I used to lick right out of the bowl until I got a head rush (akin to the white frosting that toaster strudels come with). If you ever have a chance
to try fresh coconut syrup, don't pass it up. Or, if you're prone to addiction... maybe you should =)

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