Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Inspiring Speeches

As someone who really enjoys well presented facts (my weather bookmarks look at Actual graphed weather data from NOAA, par example) I appreciated both Biden's and Obama's speeches this week at the DNC. They were not fluff, they were factual, pointed, and poignant. Repugnicans will dismiss them as misguided and inaccurate next week at their convention (as AZ state Repugnicans have already begun to do on NPR that I leave playing in the background in my office), but the haphazard and snide RNC (time since Biden's last gaffe clock? really?) has no fact-based debunking site like the Obama campaign has.
I've heard criticisms of Biden's speech as 'not one of his best' but it inspired me. Granted, I was on my 2nd large glass of Trader Joe's (Caves de Josef) Bordeaux Superior (at $5 a bottle, it's fantastic!) at the time... but it was still a good speech nevertheless.
The criticisms I've heard and read of Obama's speech were non-specific, congratulating Obama on making a good speech. It'll be interesting to see what the former 'Maverick' comes up with next week to try and rebut.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going to S.F.

Trac and I are heading to San Francisco this weekend to hang out with our friend Joe there. It's been 5 years since I was last there (for a whole day!) and Trac has never been. If any of this thread's readers have suggestions of amazing places to eat, or "must see" when you're in SF, lemme know please. Last time I was there, Joe showed me around to Zeit Geist and another bar - which has since been gentrified and converted into condos - and it was hugely fun. Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4....

Help John McCain count his houses. Just HOW RICH do you have to be before you don't know, or can't recall, HOW MANY houses you have?

I used to own 2. I could count to 2. I lost my ASS on my rental property in Bloomington, when RCA/Thompson AND GE BOTH closed their plants and moved them to Mexico (before China was all the rage for off shoring), paying exhorbent "maintenance fees" to the evil management company - sucked to be 800 miles away in SC.

I'd like a President with good memory, and who is not so filthy rich that he doesn't know how many houses his heiress wife and he own - maybe the prenup they signed blotted out his memory.

Tip-o-the-hat to my buddy Matt for pointing this one out =)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

From the mouths of children...

This is beautiful! Thanks to my friend Joe Morse for the tip. Thanks to my mentor S.Colbert for his on target setup. Really worth a listen. I can't stop smiling. It's not editorial, it's factual.

If the link doesn't play for you embedded here, try this one:
or this one

Hypocrisy in action.