Sunday, September 20, 2009

Free Airport Wifi - should be mandatory

I guess I am spoiled. Phoenix Sky Harbor, Greenville Spartanburg, and Reno's airport all have free public Wifi. That's how a modern airport is supposed to run. Atlanta has several bogus wireless internet providers trolling for a few dollars, as does Dallas, Cincy, Chicago, and Washington IAD in the US. Heathrow, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Narita, and Hong Kong internationally It's hard enough being jet lagged, or harried having to transfer from one terminal to the next... now some clueless MBA's business plan hopes that travellers will pay anything to be able o connect? No. I don't think so.

Free Public Wifi means that people like me get their data mined at smaller airports - and that's fine. I'm checking email and blogging. Big deal. Free Public Wifi also means that people like me dont have to stalk the hallways outside the First Class lounges, where a few of them still have wireless inside without password protection (Like at ATL's B concourse, IAD's NW / Delta lounge, etc) and squat upon the lounge provided signal.

Make your airports friendlier, and travellers will appreciate it more, and look forward to travelling through your city. Try to charge me $7.99 to connect to the internet, and I laugh in your general direction!


  1. A-friggin-men. My company sues iPass to get me on those networks, but it should be free. Basic public infrastructure.

  2. er, that should have read "uses iPass" not "sues iPass"...even though there have been times I've wanted to do the latter.


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