Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ben Nelson, (R) from Berkshire Hathaway

When will Bill Nelson officially announce that he's changing parties? The Senator from Berkshire Hathaway really pulled a dumb move today (link here), voting against reasonable, moderate SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan. Kagan is not an extreme liberal, nor has she proven even slightly liberal. She's moderate. Thorogood Marshall, liberal. John Paul Stevens, started out moderate but the Court's shift to the VERY Right Wing made him look more liberal. Kagan, from what I have read, sounds to the right of Suder & O'Connor, approximately the same as Justice Kennedy. Asinine that most Republicans fell in lock-step with their obstructionist leadership.

Congratulations to reasonable Richard Lugar, Maine's two leading ladies Collins & Snowe, Judd Gregg (who surprised me, since lately he's becoming more and more vinegar & water like) , and J.A.G. Lindsey Graham. The other Republicans? Despicable.

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