Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain Revived Ocotillo

Last weekend's soaking rain revived both of our ocotillos. The one in the back yard, just outside our living room window has been a bountiful source of beauty. Prior to the rain, the ocotillos were losing most of their green leaves, entering a survivalist period of dormancy, until after the September monsoon ended. Now, look at how gloriously green it is!

And all this greenery has beckoned my girl friends to come and perch, or drink from them. Anna's hummingbirds, Costa's hummingbirds, black tailed hummingbirds, finches, damselflies, vireos, house sparrows, an occasional mocking bird, each likes to spend some time in the sculpted ocotillo. As I sip a glass of wine, or watch Dr.Who re-runs, or do yoga, stationery bike riding, or swimming, watching the sunset, it's refreshing to see so much life in my backyard, and to be able to share it with such lovely creatures.

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