Monday, August 30, 2010

In Cars

Dr Desert Flower and I spent about 5 hours driving around the NE side of the Phoenix Metro valley yesterday, doing preliminary reconnaissance to escape the west side's inexorable gravity pull. Found a "Patch Work Nation" on the east side similar to the west, where you cross a major street and BAM, the housing prices drop by half (or more) as renters, small square footage, low quality construction, and poorly maintained lots usurped city & mountain views, green spaces, and security gates.

While googling Gary Numan's Car this morning, I unexpectedly stumbled upon this video wherein Dr Desert Flower's favorite sweaty rock idol eye candy, Trent Reznor, plays a "mean tambourine" as Gary Numan performs his classic with NIN in London. It's hard to look cool playing tambourine & keyboard at the same time, but Reznor appears to make it look easy.

It would be nice to see a whole sunset, and not just a fraction that appears over our 2 story neighbor's roof that blocks the best part... especially in August, where Arizona has some of the most amazing sunsets. Looks like for the next few months, we'll be spending a great deal of time 'in cars'. Someday if housing prices start to climb a lil, we can get out of the massive scuba dive underwater adventure we're on. Il faut voir.


  1. good luck with the upside down... i just ended up swimming free last week. what a mess! and i know AZ is much much worse off than we are over here.

  2. Congratulations on breaking free of the undertow! =) I am very happy you and Steve have each other to rely upon & work together. It's really a beautiful thing!


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