Friday, August 20, 2010

Rickles & Palpatine

The Daily Show and Colbert have been ON FIRE this week. Poignant, relevant, hilarious. It is sad that it takes a satirical fake news show to excoriate moronic politicians and Idiocracy in general.

Wednesday's TDS (link here) (with a Perfect Glen Beck parody)
Wednesday's Colbert (link here)
Thursday's TDS (link here)
Thursday's Colbert (link here)

"6 Degrees of people who don't eat bacon?"
"Is Fox News a terrorist command center!?!?"
"If there is anyone who can bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together, it is Moses"
"The law firm of Rickels & Palatine" - this had me jetting my drink out of my nose!
"The Republicans should be paying News Corp a million dollars!"
Lewis Black on Eat, Pray, Love... not Sh*t, Shower, Shave: "Tip of the crapberg machete"
"No Jon, she stunned me with a cattle gun"
"Laura Rove"

"Nixon had a parlor game where he wrapped babies in ice"
"Irish churches, or 'pubs' as they call them"
"Land of Deportunity"
"It's not Money, Fame, or Records. It's all those things together"
to Brett Favre: "Stab you in the eye with a broken broom handle"
from Rand Paul: "Electric fence under the border"

I do like my DVR.

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