Friday, August 20, 2010

C... c... c... Colourbox Stuff

"Play some more of that Colourbox stuff."
I've been enjoying the wealth of Colourbox songs that have been uploaded to youtube this morning. Used to listen to these on album, and cassette tape, continually, when I was in Terre Haute in the 80s.

The Moon Is Blue (link here) [lush, gorgeous vocals]
Punch (link here)
Edit the Dragon (link here) [silliness]
Sleepwalker / Just Give'em Whiskey (link here)
Just Give'em Whiskey (link here)
Fast Dump (link here)
Baby I Love You So (link here)
Hipnition (download link here)
Inside Informer (link here)
Arena II (link here) [if you want to wallow in your own self pity]
Manic - You Just Keep Me Hanging On (link here)

(it gives your speakers a good left-right sound check - lol!)

Found a nice blog that had a mp3 download link in it (here) as well.

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