Friday, August 27, 2010

Feral Hippies Make Unpleasant Chocolates

Last weekend, an organic chocolate shop was recommended to us in Sedona, that had sugar free, organic, free trade ingredient chocolates. So we stopped by the ChocolaTree before heading back down to the 115F Phoenix valley. I was enthusiastic to sample some of the chocolates on display, and they LOOKED delicious. The children (no one who worked there Sunday afternoon appeared to be born before Reagan was president) behind the counter each had a feral hippie, organic wicca-granola-girl appearance, and the clientele who were dining were an eclectic mix... so I picked out 5 pieces of fair trade, organic, stevia sweetened chocolate, and Dr Desert Flower selected 3, and handed the 18 yr old a Andrew Jackson. She rings it up... and says with a smile "that'll be $22.50". Gulp. Ok...

Upon getting home to Phoenix, organic chocolates in the cooler, we tried some more. EW. Bitter, nasty, very unpleasant. "It's not supposed to taste like ass, is it?" Sorry, but these Sedona organic chocolates fell far short of the Belgian, Beaujolais French (from La Clayette), Swiss, Godiva, Lindt, Green & Black, and even Trader Joe's chocolates I've tasted. If you like bitter, unpleasant tasting, expensive chocolates that have a plastic after-taste to them, now you know where to go.

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