Friday, August 13, 2010

Facebook Bogs Down Mozilla

Is it just me, or does any computer running Mozilla Firefox get bogggggged dowwwwwwn once Facebook is opened? I can keep Gmail open, run youtube videos, make blog postings, stream video from news sites, and all is well. I open up Facebook, and BAM! All the FB data mining, net tracers kick in, and it's like I'm surfing in molasses, bogging everything down.

Now granted, my old ZT systems Win XP desktop, and Eee net books are not powerful graphics or computing machines, they're basic Plain Jane models. But it is an epic failure of Facebook to make such a poorly designed, insidiously serveilling, processor hogging program that it annoys the user. Yet another reason to not spend any time on Facebook and to always Log Out so it has a harder time tracking and mining me.


  1. some people like the data mining - I don't get why. I never keep FB open... irks me that they log what you are looking at or where you go, so as to be "helpful" and populate their sidebar with more crap I don't want.

  2. "some people" ? - no one I know.

    Perhaps they're the same people who look for fluff and celebrity content on "news websites", ranking actual legitimate news and insightful perspectives 'last' in their priority list. More of the dumbing down Idiocracy take-over.

  3. lol.

    well, these are the same people who were upset when Farmville went down last week. Gosh, that was a waste of a good 10 seconds of my life to read about.

    this was why i banned myself from FB on my cell phone. I just read too much idiotic crap .... from people I think of as my friends. *sigh* sometimes, it's best not to know too much. *grin*


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