Thursday, August 19, 2010


The lovely and melodic Pakistani singers Zeb and Haniya sing beautifully. Attached here is a link to an acoustic version of their hit song "Chup!" - which in Urdu ( چپ,) means "Stop!" or "Hush!" (link here). The song is very simple, and a catchy tune - I heard it on BBC radio this afternoon. The essence of the song, as Zeb explained, is "Hush! it's time for love".

I see no better way of fighting fanatical Islamic fundamentalist extremism than to promote positive, societal change, from within. It's just too bad they didn't sing this in Pashtoon - the native tongue of coward Mullah Omar, the bastard father of the heretical Taliban movement. But singing (OMG! Singing! It might lead to dancing!) in Urdu, spoken by about 40% of Pakistanis, and Pakistan being where the majority of the Taliban training camps and madrasses are, is a good start. And the mega-flood that is covering 1/8th of Pakistan currently, they need all the love they can get.

You can see a video of an acoustic performance of "Chup!" here (link) but it's low quality. The "Coke Studios" youtube versions aggravate me as being way way way over-produced and bollywood sensationalized to the point of being creepy - making me wince. Just let the lovely girls with the sweet voices sing. That's enough for me.

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