Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Stephen Colbert's most recent fan-fare word is "ÜBERBALLED" - except he created a new letter "A" with the umlaut under the A's horizontal cross bar, for additional silliness and inferred testicularity.

Colbert's character is so completely full of himself and utterly filled with hubris, he makes Hannity and O'Reilly and all of Fox's mouth pieces look moderate, or even reasonable in comparison. It's really genius, the market niche he's carved.

For insights into alternative accented ASCII characters, this link (here) can help. No such "A with lower umlaut" exists, of which I am aware. Any blog visitor who knows differently, please correct me with a comments.

uberballed, Überballed, überballed.


  1. And since ÜBERBALLED is not a real word in English or German (yet), the German word "ÜBER" translates to:

    1. Upward of

    1. About
    2. Over
    3. Via
    4. Concerning
    5. Above
    6. For
    7. By
    8. Across
    9. Beyond
    10. Upon
    11. Past
    12. Up above

  2. i would translate "über" in this context as "having too much"

  3. I don't think Stephen thinks he has too much of anything except perhaps taxation, government intrusion, and too many people riding his coat tails... and maybe bears, also =)


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