Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Never Underestimate Extensive Training

As I read Greg Mortenson's Stones into Schools (thanks CKG for the recommendation!) as Greg is describing his band of local "fixers" and logistics guys, he mentions one who is a very quiet & reserved man, but who cannot stop laughing whenever he watches a Youtube video of a Taliban loading a mortar backwards (the end result, is dramatically fatal). I searched via Google, Yahoo, and LiveLeak with all filters off, trying to find this video, in both English and Arabic (there's no Dari translator). After about 20 minutes, I found This video (link here).

Warning for those with young viewers, or who don't want to be startled, don't watch the last 10 seconds of this video.

For me personally, I find several aspects of the video illuminating.
a) the Taliban moron firing the mortar is guiding the tube by hand; highly inaccurate.
b) the cowardly Taliban fool is wearing a ski mask / hood; makes it hard to see what you're doing and it demonstrates you're really not proud of your cause
c) yelling "God is Great!" (Allah Akbar!) between each round, doesn't do any good, and in fact, probably inspires such fundamentalist fervor that the person yelling (and the foolish cameraman recording) starts to not pay attention to the critical tasks at-hand.

I have to agree with Mortenson's colleague... I find the video amusing, and I hope more fundamentalists who hate America & Western Civilization follow this same example with the same explosive results.

Supposedly, looking at the comments on the Youtube page, some embarrassed fundamentalist keeps reporting the video to Google who keeps pulling it offline. If you find the link doesn't work here. Let me know and I'll try and restore it with another web search. Keyword searches ("Little video of an taliban guy", MSztarcss, alex054739, "Boom? Alah Akbar" [sic]).

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