Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Darn Delicious Duck

Last Saturday night, Dr Desert Flower and I dined at the L'Auberge Restaurant On Oak Creek. We both love ducks... those that swim in ponds and streams, as well as those that have been well prepared and are served exquisitely. On the dinner menu, was Juniper Dusted Duck Breast: (link here)

Juniper Dusted Duck Breast & Foie Gras Vanilla Parsnip Puree Citrus Scented Mache Pear Vinaigrette

The duck breast pieces were succulent. The foie gras had been fried, and had a firm crispiness to the upper and lower sides. This was one of the best duck dinners I've ever had - in France or in the US. Absolutely delicious.
L'Auberge is a beautiful, peaceful, independent (not a chain) well-run resort on Oak Creek in Sedona. Fastidious service, that is "tip free" with a well earned $25 a day 'resort fee'. A serene atmosphere, next to the gently flowing creek, L'Auberge offers a pleasant climate in contrast to the blast furnace that Phoenix becomes in August. Convenient location to be able to walk to downtown Sedona, with free parking makes it logistically ideal. Dr Desert Flower has wanted to go there since we moved here 3 years ago - I should have agreed to it much earlier. L'Auberge has the Hilton and Yavapai at the Enchantment beat, as far as price, quality, deliciousness, and convenience. If you want to pay through the nose and feel very very exclusive, then Enchantment is perhaps more your style, but for $225 a night L'Auberge is a better deal. If you've got little kids or want to golf, go to the Hilton, they've got 3 pools and a golf course adjacent. Our kid is almost 2 dozen years old, and I abhor golf, so I'll give the Hilton a wide berth. If you want to pay $450 a night for a small room, then Enchantment is the place for your cash. We'll stay at L'Auberge again in the future... maybe for our 25th? Il faut voir.


  1. All sounds great! Coincidentally, I cooked the last of the winter goose this week.

  2. I must say L'Auberge really is a little piece of Heaven. THe eco-microcosm on Oak Creek let me experience all the things I miss about the east coast---babbling creeks, tall deciduous trees, grass and annual flowers. Then you walk up the hill a little and enjoy the view of the red rocks. I hope we can experience it in winter with a little snow too.

  3. Having hummingbirds drink from the freesia flowers on the tables, creekside, was a nice touch as well. =)


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