Friday, August 13, 2010

Rentals to Watch & Avoid

DVD or iTunes Rentals to Avoid:
Hot Tub Time Machine (Thank you Ryan for the tip)

DVD or iTunes Rentals worth watching:
Alice In Wonderland (especially on a big screen HD TV)
Run Ronnie Run!
Idiocracy (we own a copy)
Breaking Bad (surprising captivating first season... 2nd season is losing steam and becoming just a sad & weird train wreck)
Apocalypse WWII (sad and depressing, stark, vivid)

Supposedly "Kick Ass" is supposed to be good... il faut voir.


  1. Everyone else I've heard from recommends Hot Tub Time Machine

  2. HTTM is one of the great movies and should be on your must watch list.

  3. OK, maybe I've gotten bad advice.

    I heard it's nothing like Super Troopers or Super Bad... and to me, that's a good thing, since I thought the 10 minutes of each of those "Super" movies that I saw, was not so much laughable, as just dumb. Whereas I like the 40 Year Old Virgin somewhat, DFF hated it... so maybe HTTM should be re-considered.

    I'll take it on advisement.

  4. Joe, none of those 3 movies have anything to do with each other. I don't understand the relevance. They share neither directors nor writers.

    fwiw, I thought Super Bad was really good.

  5. Ron, you are correct. I've received bad advice. Looking at IMDB I can see that HTTM is NOT an Apatow production as I had been previously mis-informed. It's from the guys who brought "Never Been Thawed" which I Loved! So we'll be downloading it this weekend =)

    Regarding Apatow and Rogen, I think I have developed an allergy.


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