Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck & MLK, Accurately Contrasted

A tip of the hat to JustJoeP blog follower Norine P, for this hilarious, and accurate Crooks & Liars post comparing Martin Luther King and Glenn Beck (link here) (the former alcoholic, morning radio "shock jock" DJ, Scottsdale resident, and Mormon, now self-delusional demagogue and spokes-person for the Goldline scheme). Some of Norine's tweets are so funny, I might have to get a twitter account.

For a LARGER version of this micro-time line (if you're not looking at it on a big screen LCD or Plasma TV) go to the Crooks & Liars link.


  1. please DO get a Twitter account!!! :)

  2. Norine, I am not sure how many people would really want to follow me on Twitter... and the 144 character limit really constrains me. I'm not very good at Haiku =P

    Both you and Pyker have both indicated twitter as the next logical step... but I am hesitant to embrace the Twit. Current JustJoeP visitor volume is between 50 and 100 hits a day. If it gets into the 1000s a day, I shall embrace Twitter, and appropriately credit you and Ron for suggesting it.

    Until then... I hope you are not too bugged by my absconding with some of the links you post on Twitter, and crediting you accordingly. If you are bugged by it, just lemme know, and I will desist. I figure it's all part of the Borg (or as Carlin called it, 'The Big Electron' - my friend Todd G called it [in graphic comics] "N") into which we are all being absorbed.

  3. Personally, I see the character limit as a fun challenge to turn my "deep thoughts" into lean prose.
    You could always auto-post your blog posts to your Twitter account. Help drive traffic too!
    And no, not bugged at all. All we can do is share (or retweet) what grabs us and hope that someone else gets grabbed by it too.
    Hey, I gave YOU no credit when I used your "Stupid NYC Ignorant Paranoids" post link in my battle against ignorant fools on Facebook (that was f'ing awesome, btw) -although it did lead them here, so... :)
    Keep on!

  4. thank you Norine =) you made me smile this morning.


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