Friday, August 27, 2010

Cézanne in Phoenix

2 weeks ago, Dr Desert Flower and I went with some of her European Francophone colleagues to see 'Cézanne and American Modernism' at the Phoenix Art Museum (link here). It was a nice opportunity to see some lovely paintings outside of my favorite museum in the world, Musée d'Orsay (link here). Taking in 16 of Cézanne's works was refreshing after seeing a Henri Matisse exhibit in Chicago back in June (link here and here). The Matisse exhibit was showing works from his "developmental period" that I found somewhat interesting and informative, but not really enjoyable. I prefer Cézanne & Pissaro, stunning Monets, blurry & vivid Van Goghs, colorful Cassatts, and detailed Renoirs. The American artists who Cézanne inspired did some interesting mimicry, and some lovely original works as well.

The Cézanne exhibit runs to September 26th - and the Phoenix Art Museum is free on Wednesday evenings and first Fridays =)

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