Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday's TDS & Colbert

The Daily Show once again provided awesome fake news and biting commentary. Link to Tuesday's full length episode is here (link here).
"These are not the epithets you're looking for"
Team N-Word & Team R-Word
"The R-word is trading at 13 and a 1/2 N-words!"
"The Palin Index"
"Mel Gibson's Pizza was late"
"I knew they weren't sequins!"
"Bed Bugs & Beyond"
"Infestation: He ejaculated into my wound"
"Airing on MSNBC... you don't want anyone to see it?"

And following up nicely, the Colbert Report were no slouches either. Link to Tuesday's episode is here (link here).
"Terror Bunker 5200"
"The Laundry Sack" (as a name for his abs)
"Control Self Delete" (as The WØRD)
"Ambassador of Death... and with diplomatic immunity it can park anywhere!"
"There's no room for you there, because I am already there"

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