Monday, May 10, 2010

Leahy, Kagan, and Moses Go In To Take The Bar...

You remember Patrick Leahy? The one Dick Cheney told to go F*ck himself? He had a great quote today: "“The president could have nominated Moses the Lawgiver,” Leahy said. “In fact, I told the president, I said, ‘You realize if you had nominated Moses the Lawgiver, somebody would raise, ‘But he doesn’t have a birth certificate. Where is his birth certificate?’”

Those Vermontians (Vermont-onians? Vermonters?)... they elect Democrat Leahy and Socialist Bermie Sanders (both of whom I think are not bad guys, and either of which completely blow away the two douche bag / wind bag / old fools Arizona has elected) but they also allow concealed carry without a permit.

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