Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Madiran '05

Last month, I picked up a $6 bottle of French red at Trader Joes,
Domaine du Moulié 2005, Appellation Madiran Controlée. I'd never had a Madiran before. Located in South West France, between Bordeaux and Langedoc, this is was a delicious wine. For $6, it was excellent. To me, it tasted like more of a $20 bottle of Bordeaux. Had a mineral finish, and the bottle I tried had hints of herbs - I've never tasted herbs in wine, but it seemed vague reminiscent of the scent of parsley - not overwhelmingly so, and not bitterly, just a slight hint.

Even though it was a negotiant bottled wine (mis en boutille au Domaine) it didn't taste mass produced.

The next time I am invited to a "bring 2 bottles private wine tasting" I am bringing a bottle of Madiran. More people should know about this under-appreciated Domaine.

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