Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team Evil, Team Stupid

The Daily Show has been amazingly funny this week. Monday's show was remarkable. Some of the highlights: (link here)

Team Evil, vs Team Stupid
"It's a level of knowing Obfuscation that can only come from having a heart of pure evil"
- Team Evil, regarding Fox News trying to hide the fact that they support Wahhabi funded fundamentalist madrases as their 2nd largest share holder (after Rupert Murdoch) is Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, the head of Saudi Arabia's "Kingdom Foundation".

"Potatoes with mouths" - Team Stupid
"Not even potatoes. A potato could power a digital clock" - Team Evil
"Rocks, Rocks with mouths" - Team Stupid

The Last Ear Bender
"You don't understand diplomacy" - regarding Iran's own version of W
"I wonder how many box tops they had to save up for that" - regarding the cheesy looking cruise missile that looks alot like a Nazi V1 rocket, circa 1940

In the Blagojevich Interview
"I would like to see you as a Dickens Character, I would like to see you as a victim... but you make it So Hard!"

"You're either the victim of a terrible persecution thing, or you're a sociopath"

"If you get off scot-free, there's a hug waiting for you"

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