Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Laughs for August

The Daily Show and Colbert Report are taking a two week holiday for Labor Day, returning 13 Sept 2010. Their Thursday programs were quite enjoyable - Wednesdays were fun also, but I was too busy sipping a glass of Armagnac to write down memorable lines.

26 Aug 2010 TDS (link here)
"I have a scheme" - in reflection on Glenn Beck's megalomania
"Black people don't own Martin Luther King, white people own... ugh... "
"It's Raining Glenn"
"Beckapalooza, Beckstock, Beckchella, Beckith Fair, Becking Man"
"If I took AP Faith in High School, can I skip a semester?" - at Beck University
"Romance, does that mean I gotta do it from the front?" - at 'Tool Academy'
"Glenn Beck has a dream. It's the kind of dream you have after eating four peperoni Hot Pockets before bed."
"Shalom, and welcome back to Jew Talk"
" Gay Old Party" - for the GOP

26 Aug 2010 Colbert (link here)
"The next George Washington... a hatchet wielding, toothless, slave owner"
"Momma T with Larry Leper & the Black Hole of Calcut-ups!" - Z95.3 presents!
"Puts the Bang in Bangalore!"
"Glenn's chalkboard is gonna kill him!"
"Mighty Morphin Power Martyr"

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