Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Repeal the 14th Amendment, Really?

Libertarians and Republicans want to now repeal the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. (link here). Really?

A few examples of Republican office holders, who were born in the USA to parents who were NOT US citizens:
Marco Rubio
Pete Domenici
Piyush Amrit "Bobby" Jindal

A few examples of Republicans whose parents were not born in the USA:
Samuel Alito
Antonin Scalia
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mel Martinez
Mario Diaz Balart

Yeah, it's a great idea to strip citizenship of anyone who did not have 2 parents who were legal citizens of the USA when the person was born. We can get two arch conservatives off SCOTUS, and clear out some congressional seats as well. "Legal Resident" doesn't count - not if you read the anti-immigrant websites.



  1. along the lines of stupidity...

    here is something you may or may not have seen.

    wacko birther

  2. I am actually kind of glad. It's a military court, and Right Wing Extremists LOVE military courts - want them used for everything. So once the military court rules that the birthers are all a bunch of easily swayed, dumb, conspiracy theorist fools, maybe the fervor over his birth certificate will die down a little and some crow will be eaten.


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