Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tooth Brushing The Cat

We're in a constant battle here against cat hair. Our octogenarian and septuagenarian felines - though not long hair breeds, they're short haired shelter mutts - are a hairy bunch. Over the last 2 decades, we've accumulated the various brushes pictured to the right.
  • The mitt is worthless.
  • The old human hair brush worked but loaded up with dander and hair rapidly, and cleaning it was a pain.
  • The red felt one was impotent on both cat and on fabric.
  • The yellow "hair broom" is a joke - I want to give it to the beggar who hangs out at the I-10 stop light looking for handouts - it would work on windshields better.
  • The light blue soft plastic one, absolutely of no use.
  • The blue steel comb works pretty well, but you have to be very very careful not to tear into the cat's skin with it
The toothbrushes, we found, are some kind of feline craze - they find them irresistible. Brushing exposed canine teeth, whiskers, eye brows, ears, necks, backs, the cats LOVE them. (video link here) I've placed old, used tooth brushes around the house - in my office, at both ends of the couch, on my dresser in the bed room. I used to think that old tooth brushes were mainly good for cleaning automotive battery terminals and getting into little nitty-gritty places... but cats love them too. And after we use them on the cats, they tend to clean themselves more. Yes, that can lead to more hairballs - but it also decreases the hair tumble weeds incrementally, and makes gathering up the hair with the Lint Wizards, more manageable.

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